Our Story

Haggards Furniture Early Years.jpg

My grandfather, John W. Haggard started Haggard’s Furniture in Oklahoma City in 1916.  My father, J. Earle Haggard Sr. and his brother, Jack, joined their father in the early 1930s, beginning a diversified history in the furniture business.  They manufactured upholstery and case goods “jobbing” their products, under the name of “Sell Right”.  The Haggard name was associated with wholesale, retail, and new and used furniture.  We eventually expanded to ten Haggard’s stores in Oklahoma City and vicinity.

As Oklahoma City changed, so did Haggard’s Inc.  My father and I continued the family tradition, changed our name to Haggard’s Fine Furniture and relocated to 2418 N. May.  We moved to our present location in the late 1960’s.

There have been many changes in the furniture industry since 1916.  Haggard’s remains a small furniture store by design.  We take pride in being the oldest family-owned and operated furniture store in Oklahoma.  We continue the tradition established by my grandfather which is to simply offer the people of Oklahoma quality furniture and personal service at a fair price.  He believed in giving more than his competitors.  Grandfather gave his customers “Free Delivery” at first using a horse and hack, and later, after the horse died, using a Model T-Ford with trailer.  During the “Great Depression”, Haggard’s allowed customers a “$1 down and a $1 a week” payment plan.  Though the “$1 down and a $1 a week’ is long gone, Haggard’s Free Delivery Policy still stands.

Changes in the furniture industry have resulted in many established manufacturers outsourcing their products to foreign countries.  It has become increasingly difficult to maintain high quality and service.  Haggard’s Fine Furniture has met these challenges by adding the finely-crafted, solid-wood, American-made Amish lines of Smith Brothers and Simply Amish, to our other fine brands.  Come visit Haggard’s for quality and personal service.  We welcome you to the Haggard’s of today!

- J. Earle Haggard Jr.